Songs for the Lonely

by A Day Without Love



I am 26 and never had a Valentine, I have felt lonely in most of my love live, so I recorded an album for other people who feel the same. I know it sounds pitiful. If you download this album, lets be friends feel free to email me or maybe we can have a Skype chat , but that will only last for Valentines Day week.

This is my first bedroom record, so yeah it's a lot different than anything I have done before, hope you like it :)


released February 11, 2015

All recordings were done by me
Album Art by Brittany Gale
Sample in Track 4 is from Degrassi
Sample in Track 2 is from my friend Jordy
Hopefully these songs turn full band or turn to a side project or something.



all rights reserved


A Day Without Love Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A lover of tension lyrical relatability, A Day Without Love leaves no chord unstrung in his new release, “Confessions of the Innocent Mind.” Providing full-band, experimental instrumentation layered on frontman Brian Walker's soulful voice and raw, heartfelt lyrics, A Day Without Love’s music will make listeners dance, feel and contemplate the daily ins and outs of life ... more

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Track Name: Everyday, Not One Day
Don’t be afraid
Of the pain that bleeds in your skin
If time could heal the wounds
Why do scars have history
I know the memories of time
Will keep your grudges
But please let go and love
I don’t know how to love
For just one day
I just want you to love
So why do isolate
For one day
To keep the ones alone
So lonely
How could we be so selfish
To make others feel
So worthless
I don’t know how to love
For just one day
I just want you to love
And how could we be
So damn sure
That everyone will feel loved?
Track Name: How Do You Talk to Anyone Anymore?
How do you talk to anyone anymore
If I say hello
Then I am an asshole
If I text you
You won’t reply
If I call you
You wont answer
If I write you a letter
You won’t ever write back
I guess I should give up
Cuz love isn’t worth it
I don’t really deserve it
I’m not really entitled
Just cuz I’m a nice guy
Doesn’t mean that I should be hurt
Please don’t badger me
I just wanna respect tyou
But you won’t respect me
Cuz I’m really fucking ugly
I just wanna respect you
I don’t get it at all
I don’t get it at all
I just might
Be considered
A chauvinist
But the reality is
That I hate myself
And I don’t understand
How love works
When we treat ourselves
With no worth.
Track Name: No Logic For Love
Why do we buy
Stupid things
For people we don’t love
And the ones we love
We ignore
And just
Take them for granted
And you bless the one
Who fucks you
And forget the one
Who cares for you
Can you see it
Through my eyes
That none of this
Makes sense
I’m not the pretty one
I’m just an ugly guy
Who never had a valentine
I’ll take my chances
And have no chance
I’m a hopeless heart
With a heavy burden
Can you see it
Through my eyes
That none of this
Makes sense
Track Name: Sixty Seconds of Seasonal Depression
I’ve been scared for too damn too long
And it’s ripped me in the insides
Questioning every part of my existence
And self worth
This winter wind breaks the thickest layers
Of my insecurities
Even when I try to hide in warmth
I seek comfort and solace
Searching for something that I could believe in
But nothing seems to be there,
Who can I hold on to
When I’ve got no one?
Where is my faith when it seems all hope has been lost?
No one is here,
And I waiting and wishing
Hoping for something
Or just maybe I don’t see it to begin with
The winter is unforgiving
But maybe I am just unforgiving of myself
Track Name: Not Good Enough
I know those kids
Said it before
But I don’t wanna say it again
But I’m not good enough
I’m not good enough
I don’t wanna repeat those terrible lines
And tell you about my lonely life
And the times I failed
And I won’t prevail
I’m not good enough
And all the girls treat me like I’m sick
It makes feel like a disease
I am the outcast
I’ll never fit in
I’m not good enough
And let me conclude
With this final statement
If you find me dead
You’ll know why
I’m not good enough
Track Name: It Hurts
We are the slaves of a desperate past
Its memories like this that will always last
Its the scars that touch our bones
That will always hit home
And the blood that leaves our skin
That comes from within

It hurts
To know the truth
It hurts
To know the truth
Your lies
Your lies
They burn inside

You can scream my name
And think that your in love
Lust is a falsified lie
Your legs , that sweat
Makes me high

It hurts
To know the truth
It hurts
To know the truth
Your lies
Your lies
They burn inside

It will break you apart
Will tear you apart